Claire Davies

Claire was brought up in Aberdyfi from the age of six and is very much 'part of the village'. As a child she was encouraged to draw and paint by her Father, watercolour artist Edward Morris, often going out with him on location.

Claire1In 1982, after a couple of years living abroad in Hong Kong, Claire took over the running of the Gallery, continuing to show her Father's paintings, her own and her husband Glyn's work.

Claire continues to experimented with different media and has recently produced some vibrant acrylic ink paintings, although watercolour is still her favourite medium.

Claire is happiest painting on location and can often be seen around the village and wider area endeavouring to capture the stunning scenery the area has to offer.

Alongside her painting, Claire finds great pleasure in selecting diverse handmade giftware and jewellery - much of which is sourced from local artists.

Artwork by Claire