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Glyn Davies

Painting is just one outlet for what moves us all when in the countryside and places of wild beauty. The things that make up our memories of times most enjoyed and where we are happy to remain - these for me are the motivations to paint and draw.

Like so many places in the world that we choose to visit, Wales has it all of course. My home is here amongst the mountains and along the Welsh coast - all shaped by its people and their activities; the history of the land and the ever changing weather.

Pleasures derives from the time taken to be still, observe and recreate the mood of the surrounding landscape. The scene changes and the light and darkness swap places as I paint, so what emerges onto the paper is no longer what my camera would freeze in time. Changing light forces the need to work faster and the brush reacts instinctively. I am now lost in the landscape and ready to take risks and be open to chance.

Glyn Davies

Claire Davies

I was encouraged to observe both light and colour by my father, artist Edward Morris, when we were on outings together. Subtle tones and changing light are of much more interest to me than bright sunny days.

I prefer to paint 'en plein air' and finding that working quickly in an effort to capture the moment, yields better results.

Early morning light on the estuary is a particular favourite,especially if the water is still, with reflections.

Living in such a beautiful wild and unspoilt area, where the mountains literally meet the sea, means that I will never be short of subject matter.

Claire Davies